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As a retired Coast Guard veteran, my life is built on the principles of discipline and service, qualities I seamlessly integrate into my real estate practice to navigate you through the complexities of finding your dream home.

Leveraging my experiences from serving in the Coast Guard to cherishing family life, and embracing outdoor adventures, I offer a comprehensive approach to real estate, ensuring your home-buying experience is as dynamic and rewarding as my journey has been.

I am a devoted husband, father, and realtor with a life journey as varied as the properties I assist clients in discovering. Originally hailing from the culturally vibrant backdrop of Guam, I dedicated twenty years of my life to serving in the United States Coast Guard, retiring in the summer of 2022.

My tenure in the Coast Guard was a profound odyssey of commitment, discipline, and service. It instilled within me the core values of integrity, teamwork, and unwavering dedication, principles that continue to shape my every pursuit.

At the heart of my world is my family. Alongside my wife, Tinamarie Kepo’o Cura, I share a bond founded on love and shared experiences. Together, we cherish our two sons, Noah and Ezra, who consistently inspire and delight us. Their presence reinforces the importance of cultivating a nurturing environment no matter where life takes us. Our days are filled with chauffeuring them to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling events, as well as overseeing their drumming and piano lessons.

Hawaii isn’t just a location; it’s where my soul finds solace. Its awe-inspiring landscapes and warm community mirror the beauty of Guam, anchoring me to both places in a profound way. I am committed to safeguarding the distinctive essence of these locales that have left an indelible mark on my heart.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am an ardent outdoor enthusiast. Whether riding the waves while standup paddle (SUP) surfing, navigating the rugged trails on my mountain bike amidst Oahu’s scenic hills, chasing thrills through motocross in Kahuku, or seeking serenity on the golf course, I revel in the diverse experiences life offers.

As a realtor, I bring a unique blend of qualities to the table. I approach each interaction with respect for your aspirations, effective communication skills to ensure your needs are met, and an unwavering commitment to honesty in every transaction. I recognize that finding the perfect home is a deeply personal journey, and I am dedicated to guiding you through it every step of the way.

My mission is to assist clients in uncovering their dream homes, making sound investments, and crafting spaces where cherished memories are forged. Through these efforts, I aspire to make meaningful contributions to the communities I serve.

I am always eager to connect with individuals who share my enthusiasm for real estate, outdoor pursuits, and a fulfilling life. Please don’t hesitate to contact me via phone, text, or email. Let’s embark on this thrilling real estate journey together!

From the start, Desmond’s high level of professionalism and care really stood out for my family.

Michelle Campbell
Ewa Beach

Desmond & his knowledge and help was excellent, we stuck with him. He has been so wonderful to us & helped walk us through this entire process.

Melissa & David Leenders